You are rad. You have built an awesome blog full of hardcore fans and supporters. You've created products that your audience actually wants! And you're elated because you're able to provide your family with a steady source of income. 

But you know how those little voices of doubt tug at your sleeve sometimes?

Maybe you look at your revenue at the end of the month, and wonder, "I'm putting a lot of work into this. Am I leaving money on the table?" Or maybe you have an off-month or two (July, August, why are you so cruel??). Or maybe you haven't seen growth in your revenue coming from your products in months, or even years. You start to feel like all your hustle is just a whole bunch of running in place.  You think to yourself,

"Is this proof that what I'm selling is played out? Do I need to start all over?" 

"I have so many responsibilities to juggle inside and outside of my business. I want to make sure that every minute I spend on my business is helping me move my business forward." 

PLUS, “I feel like I’ve already tried the stuff the ‘marketing geniuses’ recommend, and it’s just not working for me like they promised it will.”


Imagine instead... 

  • you didn't have to wonder if you could have made more sales on your latest product launch.  
  • all your hustle resulted in consistently higher revenue each month--even while you're decreasing the number of hours you're working (!)  
  • fluctuating ad revenue, launch revenue, "flash sales" and affiliate income were just extra icing on the cake of a business that was bringing in stable revenue month after month from your own products.
  • using a marketing system that you know works for you because it's tailored to your business, not just an ocean of podcasts and webinars and emails full of generic marketing advice.


What would it mean to you to be able to grow your business revenue consistently, month after month, so you could plan for the future? To feel like you had your very own system for finding new customers and for expanding your repeat business? What would it mean (finally!) to have the time to work on the parts of your business that make you happiest--without worrying about falling into a "feast or famine" cycle and not being quite sure whether you've just hit a lean month or the beginning of a long rough patch? 


I can help with my 5-step consulting program, Blogs to Riches.

  • Clean, simple analytics so that you know where every one of your sales is coming from. 
  • A plan to optimize sales conversions from each channel so you're making more money from people who find you via social media, search, e-mail or a partner blog or website.
  • E-mail list segmentation and e-mail sequences that 10x the amount of money you make from each list subscriber.  

If you have a blog that has grown into an online business with at least 50,000 page views per month and 8,000 members of your email list, find out more about how we can work together to add $100,000 of revenue to your business this year.  


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