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If You Don't Get a Lot of Website Traffic, Use Facebook's Love for Video to Find Your People



In my previous post, I talked about website visits: "An unspecified number of people visiting your site for an unknown amount of time, reading an unknown portion of its content and taking either no action or an unknown action. That's what website visits are. But, they can be useful. "

And so can video views. 

In 2016, Facebook was obsessed with CRUSHING IT in the video department. They wanted to crush "IT" and they wanted to crush  YouTube, Periscope--you name it--in the process. This fact is mildly interesting for personal use of Facebook and it's fun to futz with Facebook Live and all.

But it's really interesting for Facebook for Business and using Facebooks Ads to find customers. 

Because video ads are really cheap. You must supply the video of course, but uploading a video directly to Facebook ads and then targeting the ad at cold (cold = they have never heard of you) traffic doesn't cost you nearly as much as promoting a blog post and getting a user to click. 

Setting up this ad is relatively simple: Set the objective of the ad to "Get Video Views" and upload your video. You can even set up captions right in Facebook Ads Manager. 

Depending on the target audience and the quality of your video

In a recent campaign I ran for a client who has almost no website traffic, we paid about 2.5 cents per view of her entire 40-second video. 

If I had targeted the same cold traffic with a link to a blog post on her website, I guarantee you we would not have been 2.5 cents per click. We could have been paying more like 50 cents a click. That's almost 200% more, for those of you who like getting your mind blown by big sounding numbers. 

Put another way, we reached 1,000 people for $25. If we had tried to get them to click to the website, it would have been more like $500. 

But we haven't even gotten to the part I'm excited about! Here is why I'm really excited about this: we (you, anybody) can now use Facebook Ads' Custom Audience feature to create an audience out of video viewers. You don't need people to go to your website to make a Custom Audience out of them. 

And you can specify that you only want to include people in your audience who watched 50% or more of your video. So you know you're not creating an audience of people who are getting counted because the video played for a second or two while they were scrolling. 

This is a huge breakthrough! If you just don't have the numbers or the money to advertise clicks to your website to strangers, you may still be able to carve out a budget to create an audience of several thousand people who have demonstrated that they are interested in your topic. 

Here's how to create the custom audience: 

Choose Audiences from the top menu

Click the blue button in the top left that says "Create Audience." Then click "Custom Audience." Choose the Engagement on Facebook option. Then click Video. Here's where you get to specify a video audience that watched at least 50% of your video: 

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 3.11.36 PM.png

Once you've created this audience, you can build the ad that offers them the coupon for the free class. Just remember to target this video audience when you are setting up ad targeting. 

To recap, the steps are: 

1. Create an informational video (don't close with a promotion or try to sell anything). This is news your audience can use. Keep it to 1-3 minutes. 

2. Buy an ad with the video and target cold traffic. 

3. Create an audience out of the people who watched 50% or more of the video. 

4. Re-market to them by buying a second ad where you target only them and ask them to do something that's a heavier lift, like sign up for your email list. 

Questions? Leave them in the comments. 

If you want help setting up this particular ad type, find out how to work with me






Using Instagram's Geo-Targeting Feature to Identify Leads

This tactic, like many others, is quite simple, but you need to spend some time on it if you really want to start seeing it work for you. 



1. Where does your target market spend time? Let's say you're product or service is aimed at people who work from home. How do you find them? Where do those people tend to go when they get tired of sitting at home in their PJs but still want to get some serious work done. ... 

I bet you answered this question before you even finished reading it: coffee shops. So, if you start by typing in the behemoth of coffee shops, you'll see you have dozens of spots to explore via Instagram.

Make sure the PLACES tab at top is highlighted when you're searching. 

Make sure the PLACES tab at top is highlighted when you're searching. 


This geo-targeting tip allows you to connect with people who are ready to hear about your offers--and you may not have found these leads in other ways, or even by paying for an Instagram ad. 

Remember, when you find a potential lead, you don't need to pitch them in a comment or private message. Just like two or three of their photos and follow them. If they are someone who's genuinely interested in your products or services, chances are they will start to follow you. 

Then, work on posting great photos that represent you and your product. Here are some photo tips. 

Have you tried this tactic for getting noticed? How has it worked for you? 



One Simple Change That Will Make You Feel 100% More Organized

I got this great tip from Cassie Nevitt: Color-code your calendar.

Maybe you already color-code yours--but I bet you don't do it this way.

Cassie's tip was to color-code based on the category of the activity, so that at a glance, you can see the type of week you're going to have and can mentally prepare for it. 

Here's this week for me (I covered up names for privacy's sake): 


This is my coding system: 

  • Blue: self-care
  • Red: Husband not here =  me taking care of all baby-related needs
  • Light Red: Time with husband
  • Orange: Time With family
  • Green: Revenue-generating time 
  • Peach: Planning, non-business
  • Gray: Pitching, drumming up business, selling
  • Turquoise: Writing
  • Yellow: Education, planning for my business
  • Lilac: Meeting not otherwise covered 

This color-coding system has changed the way I schedule my time.

For example, blue is my color for "self-care." Whenever I don't see any blue in my week or day, I find a place to shove some blue in to make sure I don't go insane. 

Do you have a color-coding scheme that brings order to your life? Let me know what it is in the comments! 






Tactics: Staying on Track

It's been a busy week. After running a million errands over the past four days, my husband and I realized we have at least one rat living in the wall of our house. The exterminator came and plugged the hole where he came in, but he wouldn't promise the rat couldn't find another way in. 

All of this is to say that I ran out of time today and didn't get a chance to write my blog. But I promised myself, come hell or high water, I'd blog twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday. It says so on my home page

I can't advise clients to blog consistently, create a schedule and stick to it, and not do that myself. 

So, it's still Thursday here on the west coast, and I'm blogging. I'm blogging a yawp of persistence and doing what I said I would do. 


Your "Why" and Their "Why": Honing in on Your Call to Action


Your "Why" and Their "Why": Honing in on Your Call to Action

So many people who are using social media to build their business have never heard of or thought much about "CTAs," yet the call to action is a big deal when it comes to social media marketing. In fact, it's the difference between a social media presence that builds your business, and using social media just for fun.