I’m Maggie and I help moms who are entrepreneurs do more with their businesses – by using email marketing strategy.

What do I mean by “more”? I don’t mean more things. Or more draining.

I mean, “more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights.” That’s empowerment, and even though you hear that word everywhere, a lot of mom entrepreneurs that I know aren’t actually empowered.

Here’s what empowerment means to my clients.

Empowerment allows you to:

  • Embrace your business as a sanity-saving sanctuary from motherhood.

  • Build a business that is an energizing outlet for you and your creativity.

  • Think bigger about your business’s mission and what it can accomplish.

  • Exercise your right to get help, say no, and ask for more.

  • Build a business that is an entity separate from you, even if you’re the face of it, so that you turn off that part of your brain when you’re not working on it.

  • Stop feeling like everything on your to-do list must get done TODAY.

Here’s how email strategy can help you get there.

Email strategy empowers you to

  • Create a dependable minimum income that’s there even during days (or weeks) when you’re feeling burned out and overloaded.

  • Re-use content to connect with people for months or even years.

  • End your 100% reliance on stressful launches or big sales that you have to repeat over and over.

  • Free up time to find other ways to reach more people who need your help.

  • End your ball-and-chain attachment to social media.

Email strategy is the tool that helps you reclaim your time and make more money.

Give yourself permission to transform your business into a nourishing counterbalance to mom life – instead of just another drain on your energy.