I’m Maggie Frank-Hsu, an email strategist and copywriter who works with moms who are entrepreneurs.

My clients come to me when they don’t have any more time but they want to think bigger about what their businesses can be, and who they can be.

I’ve spent my career helping my employers and my clients seize the attention of their audiences and move them to action via the written word.

I’ve always been a writer, and I received my Master’s degree from Columbia School of Journalism and worked for national magazines like Gourmet, Martha Stewart and ESPN the Magazine. Then I spent the next 10 years building online audiences that grew to over a million visitors a month.

I combine those two sides of my expertise—writing and strategy—to help business owners turn their subscribers into people who love to get marketing emails. Does that sound impossible?

Find out more about how I do it.

I help moms entrepreneurs who:

  • don’t want to be around their kids all the time, even if it’s hard to admit

  • realize they are NOT the only moms on Earth who feels this way

  • believe they deserve dedicated time to grow their businesses

  • have ambition. Their work is not a hobby, and they’re not “just” freelancing


Why mom entrepreneurs?

Let me a tell you a secret: I don’t like Target. Yes, that Target. I know that will probably alienate at least 99.5% of the moms reading this, but if you haven’t closed this browser window in immediate revulsion, hear me out.

I used to pop over to Target when I wanted to go to a place that served Starbucks, had things my family needed and also had things that I might enjoy (makeup, random appliances, colorful throw pillows).

So what’s not to like? I could get shit done and have a little fun browsing for me, too.

Well, that is the problem. You see, Target shines a glaring light on the Mom Predicament. You go there because there’s fun stuff for you and you can get errands done, too.

“YES,” you’re yelling, “that’s the BEAUTY PART.”

But that’s my point. It’s not the beauty part. Target stands in for me-time. But if you’re getting shit done for others—

how is Target a place for me-time?

You know where I like to go by myself? Nordstrom Rack. I stand around in there, maybe buy a bra. I don’t shop in the kids section. I don’t shop in the men’s section. There is no way to get anything done for anybody else but me inside a Nordstrom Rack.


About a year after I had my older son, in 2015, I had an important realization that caused me to quit my job. But it took me another three years to put that realization into words.

In that first year of my son’s life, I had been running my life like a trip to Target.

Post-partum, I was determined to get what I needed—a firm grasp on my identity separate from my child—while at the same time helping everyone else get what they needed.

And all the other moms I knew were acting like that was normal. It is normal. We love Target because you can do both there, remember? You can get errands done and treat yourself to Starbucks.

But at that 1-year mark, I got sick of trying to do both. I knew I had to carve out a realm where my needs were met or I simply wouldn’t make it.

I set to carving out that space for myself.

I STEPPED INTO NORDSTROM RACK, to beat to death a serviceable metaphor.

I quit my job and started my business.

My business makes money that supports my family. My business allows me the flexibility to stay home with a sick kid or start work late so I can go to a parent meeting at school. I love that. But that’s not why I’m doing it.

I’m doing it for the realm. And I want to help you do it for your realm.


Why email marketing?

Once I started working with other moms, I noticed the same issue over and over. My clients had no way to creating a dependable monthly income that they could build on with one-off sales or sales calls. And not having this stable income floor was making it hard for them to enjoy their realm.

These clients love to think bigger about who they can help and how much money they can make.

But they had too much anxiety about fluctuating income, and way, way, WAY too much to do. They were scheduling in 40 hours worth of work when they only had 15 or 20 actual work hours. They were getting up at 4 a.m. to squeeze a few things in before the kids woke up, and staying up late. And they had to do this every single month to make a profit.

Business felt hard and draining, not like a sanctuary, but like yet another demand.

As I worked with these moms, I saw the solution: email automation and segmentation. These are the tools we can use when we want to think bigger about our business.

Email automation and segmentation changed these women’s lives:

  • It allowed them to scale their outreach, so that they were reaching 10 to 100 times more potential customers in the same time period

  • It allowed them to convert those potential customers into actual customers

  • It allowed them to predict their minimum monthly income, so that they COULD chase other marketing “shiny objects”: test riskier outreach and sales strategies, run a launch that might flop, or even take a couple of months off to work on something else entirely. (real examples that past clients have done)

Email marketing gave my clients a way to earn more money from a strategy, which allowed them to think even bigger about their businesses and turn that bigger thinking into reality.

In my realm, this is how entrepreneurship, motherhood, feminism, and email marketing all come together.

Want to join me?

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