How do I know how to do this stuff?

I spent the first five years of my career as a writer and editor for newspapers and magazines, so I know content. Then I moved on to manage the communities for sites that had more than a million visitors a month. Here's my bio: 

For the past year and a half,  I have been helping bloggers sell more of their online products, and sell them consistently so they can plan for the future. 

Before launching MFH Online Marketing, I launched and led social media for Understood.org, the premier web resource for parents of kids who have learning and attention issues. 

Under my leadership, Understood’s Facebook fan base grew from 50K to 250K while building engagement to over 300K site visits per month, or an average of 25% of all site visits. 

I developed the social media strategy for the Understood brand, including: 

  • devising Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest audience-building strategies that resulted in increased traffic from all three platforms

  • creating and implementing a social media test plan that allowed Understood to build a relevant audience quickly

  • using my editorial experience to develop Understood's authoritative yet empathic brand voice that attracts its ideal parent audience

  • creating and implementing a customer support strategy that allowed our team to respond to every audience question submitted via social media. 

Before Understood.org, I was web and social media editor at NYU Langone Medical Center. I started NYU Langone's Facebook and Twitter accounts. In October 2012, I coordinated crisis social media communications during Hurricane Sandy when the medical center's phone lines were down. 

I began my career in journalism, and have a decade of experience as a writer and editor for publications and websites including Howcast.com, ESPN the Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings and Gourmet magazine.