“Find your voice! Find your voice!”

Are you an online business, coach, or consultant who is also a mom?

Do you feel like you go from marketing tactic to marketing tactic, teaching yourself Instagram, LinkedIn, funnels, Facebook ads, list-building… but most of it never really amount to new clients or customers? 

Have you tried a launch to your list but your sales totally disappointed you? Or maybe you haven’t tried selling to your list because it feels spammy to sell using email.  

You hate getting sales emails! Why would you send them?

Would you like to have a proven way to make money from the leads you already have, instead of having to pound the digital pavement and find new leads constantly? 

Maybe that’s why you’ve been trying all these marketing tactics in the first place.

It’d be great to make more money from your list without watching your subscribers leave in droves—or even mark you as spam. 

Imagine doing that, plus creating an email automation that brings money into your business for years to come, so that you don’t feel 100% dependent on launches.

And crucially, imagine making all this happen without feeling like you’re piling yet one more thing onto an endless to-do list.

I work with mothers because we face unique challenges in business. 

Many of us decided to start our own businesses because the working world we come from doesn’t acknowledge we are working two jobs. 

We have ambition but we need flexibility to do our professional work and then work our second shift at home without burning out. 

The corporate world simply doesn’t provide that to us. Plus, the earning ceiling is incredibly low for many of us, especially those of us who aren’t willing (or able) to work late into the evening anymore. 

That was the case for me. So in 2015, after a 12-year career of seizing audiences’ attention and moving them to action via the written word, and a year after I had my first son, I founded my own business. 

The problem was, the business soon became just another energy-sapping drain. 

My clients needed me, my babies needed me, my aging relatives needed me, and… I ended up feeling guilty every time I took time for myself.

Meanwhile I heard fresh faced Insta-mommies prattle on about “self-care.” But self-care always cost money and added another item to my to-do list.

I thought self-care was a pedicure I fit into the margins or a bath I took after the kids were in bed, with loads of toys and laundry waiting for me the moment I finished my soak. 

I wondered, what if my business could function as a form of self-care? And still make money? 

I wanted my business to be a sanity-saving sanctuary from motherhood. A place where I could focus on my strengths—marketing strategy and copywriting—and make money for my clients and for myself. 

What would my business look like if I did that? I decided to find out.

What I found...

Email marketing hits the sweet spot for professional moms who own their own businesses. 

The pro mom entrepreneurs who’ve used my system to sell to their lists can

  1. Make sales whenever they want, without having to be present 24/7.

  2. Save time by knowing exactly how to use their best content again and again, while still building relationships with potential clients that set them apart from all the garbage marketing their subscribers sift through every day.

  3. Focus on their existing subscribers—people who are already paying attention—instead of focusing on always having to reach more, more, more people.

  4. Develop a writing practice that helps them get excited again about their work!

Thanks for all you do - love having another record sales month! I splurged on an AWESOME fireman outfit for my son. I would have never done that without the growth you’ve helped with in my business. So pat yourself on the back when you see him on Instagram this weekend lookin’ like the happiest kid on the planet. I’m grateful for our work together.
— Rachel Coley,

My system has helped one mom business owner go from 8K to 30K in monthly revenue without Facebook ads or buying leads. 

I have also helped solo entrepreneurs earn $9,000 from a single email. 

I created a system that has allowed my clients to earn money from their email list without making them work through the weekend and without forcing them to badger their subscribers.

Now I share this system with other moms through the Email Sweet Spot Program.

The Email Sweet Spot Program combines marketing framework, accountability, and coaching to produce revenue in your business.

If you are amazing at what you do, and you have emailed your list at least once in the last 3 months, take a look at the Sweet Spot.

Here’s an overview of how the Sweet Spot Program works.

Step 1:

  • Define your offer, customized for selling via email

  • Nail your ideal client so your emails stop sounding like they could have come from just anybody

Step 2: 

  • Create a welcome email series that makes new subscribers love you and primes them to buy from you 

Step 3

  • Use my “TAB CAN” method to build an email calendar for the rest of the year in 60 minutes or less 

Step 4

I just wanted to tell explain everything so
well on Voxer. You’re pulling it together for me so
clearly, saying, ‘These are the things you need to do
next - A, B, C.’ Not all coaches are good at that. It’s just really, really helpful for me.
— Amanda Hirko, Hirko Consulting
  • Step into my system for creating a weekly email practice that you can stick to because it differentiates you and makes you money 

  • Write your first sales series using "the Other 98%" formula

Step 5

  • Use my "Get Out of Cathy AKA Emergency Mode" method for analyzing the data from your first sales sequence and making changes to your sales email process.

Step 6

  • Sell to your list regularly. Use my 20 years of writing and editing experience to develop emails that speak directly to your list, plus take advantage of the personalized direction, support, and accountability I provide all along the way.

Step 7

  • Automate what works so that you can make sales consistently and predictably—without having to be on the other end of the email 

Throughout the program, you receive 

→ LIFETIME access to all pre-recorded video lessons

→ UNLIMITED one-on-one access to me via Voxer voice memo and text.

→ One round of edits on EVERY EMAIL you write within the program

→ Weekly accountability and co-working at live MOM CAVE meetings

I have used email marketing strategy and copywriting to find new customers for myself and generate hundreds of thousands for my clients. 

This system has brought $100,000 in additional revenue into a single business in 18 months. That’s revenue on top of what she was already earning.

Because I’ve bundled the system and can offer it to a group, I’m able to share it for $2,900 or 6 monthly payments of $497.

I LOOOOOVE Maggie’s program!!!!! MOM CAVE is a bright spot in my week. She is amazing. Somehow she draws good writing out of my soul.
— Irena Miller,
I was super impressed. I’ve taken classes before but this was so much more useful. It’s the best decision I’ve made to invest back into my business.
— Chanda Jothen,

Are you sick of feeling like your business is an energy-sapping drain that can’t earn more money in the limited time you have each day?  

Want a sample of what you’ll get?

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Q: I have spent money on some pretty big-name courses and coaching. You know, GURUs who speak at conferences and have a jillion followers on Instagram. These people promised I'd make money from my list and it just didn't happen. So, why should I go for this? 

A: I created the Sweet Spot Program after having the same experience. 

They help with getting started, but many of those other courses and programs can't help you get to the next level - an email marketing system designed especially for you. 

The Sweet Spot isn't about handing you a bunch of templates and having you plug in your business name, the name of your product, and then printing money. That doesn't work. 

The Sweet Spot guides you to create an email marketing practice that is unique to your business. It will work for you because it's designed for you. Not for your type of business. FOR YOU. You just don't get that from the internet-famous GURUs.

Q: Got it, I need a system that's unique to me. So, shouldn't I just take the money I'd spend on this and hire a copywriter? 

A: Nope. Why not? Well, for one thing... the Sweet Spot costs about 10 times LESS than you'd pay the kind of copywriter you really need. 

Even if you could afford a $25,000 copywriter (and maybe you can), I'd still recommend you join the Sweet Spot before you hire one. 

Professional copywriters are most effective for clients who ALREADY KNOW what they want to say to their clients. The only way you can figure out that language is by developing your own writing practice. 

Maybe after that, you'll hire a copywriter to take this off your plate. Or maybe you'll fall in love with writing for your business and keep doing it! I have seen both happen. 

Q: What's the time commitment? 

A: I recommend you set aside 20 minutes per workday. We meet once a week for 45 minutes in MOM CAVE - coworking only. Come to MOM CAVE and write your emails.

One more thing on the subject of time: I've never worked with a client who didn't reap immediate benefits from spending time on this work.

I've had clients who get dozens of responses to a single email, after spending a year not hearing any replies from their subscribers. 

I've had clients invited to speak in front of an audience, clients invited on podcasts. Clients who didn't even know they were in competition with someone else, and who won the business because their emails really connected with the customer.

Q: Yeah, but I'm not a writer. 

A: I have mentored hundreds of people in my two decades as a writer and editor. The people who succeeded weren't the best writers. The people who succeeded had something to say. 

If you run your own business - THIS IS YOU. You have something to say. That's why you are doing this and not working a job. 

My promise to you: I edit every email you write in this program. Come with the idea, and we will make it work in email. Whoever told you you can't write doesn't have to hold you back anymore.

Q: What's your refund policy? 

A: Try out the Sweet Spot for 30 days! If you don't like it for any reason, contact me and I will refund you the full amount you've paid.

Q: Six months is too long. Is there another option? 

A: No. This isn't just some course you buy and put on a shelf. This is a process that creates revenue in your business for years to come. If you don't feel ready to spend six months figuring out how to earn money from your list forever, then this program probably isn't for you. 

Q: I have a small email list. Will this work for me?

A: If you have at least 500 email subscribers, and as long as your list is growing by at least 5 people per month, you can make regular sales using this program. 

When do we start?

A: Enrollment starts now. The program begins on September 3, and lasts until March 2, 2020.

Got more questions? Email maggie at I answer every email. 

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These calls do not end with me pressuring you to buy. I don’t want you to sign up because you feel pressured into it. I want you to sign up because you know this program is what you need right now.

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