You Started This Business. Now It’s Time to Think Bigger About What It Can Be, and Who You Can Be.


I’m Maggie and I help moms who are entrepreneurs do more with their businesses – by using email marketing strategy.

What do I mean by “more”? I don’t mean… more piling on. I don’t mean more draining. Or more demanding.

And I don’t mean you can have it all, be all things to all people and excel in all areas at once. Let’s face it. You’ve tried that. So have I. Look at the woman on the left. She needs 6 arms to do all that and the laundry’s still not folded.

It’s. Not. Working.


So, who is the woman on the right? Is she someone who has figured out some secret, perfect way to do it all and is that a self-satisfied smirk? NO!

She has given herself permission.

Baby had a blowout but she really needs to finish up one more thing before she gets to it. So she does a quick wipe and goes straight back to what she’s doing without feeling guilty that her baby sat in poo for a few minutes.


The daycare’s roof fell in, so she has to take four days off unexpectedly while they fix it, so she hires a babysitter for four full days. Or she tells all her clients that their deadlines are all getting pushed back by four days and doesn’t touch work.


Maybe that’s why you founded a business. You started out saying you wanted a more flexible schedule, but what you really wanted was a place where you could give yourself permission to carry out your vision, your way.

Until… maybe things grew too fast. Or not as fast as you thought. You feel stuck and more than a little tired. In any case.

  • You want to realize your vision for your business, but your time is already maxed out.

  • You're tired of being chained to high-touch client work, big launches, or social media because you have to start from 0 every month to turn a profit

  • You're sick of feeling guilty when you spend time and money on yourself.

As moms and entrepreneurs, we’re reacting constantly to the needs of everyone around us. React, react, react… ALL. THE. TIME.

If we don’t give ourselves permission to find a better way, we’ll burn out.

Your business can be a realm just for you, where you can create consistent income every month so that you can plan proactively, and think bigger than “WTF are we having for dinner in 10 minutes?!”

I want to help you grow your business, your way, with a system that is efficient and sustainable.

Email automation is the tool that can help you reclaim your time, make more money, and turn your business into a nourishing counterbalance to mom life – instead of just another drain on your time and energy.

Start Here.