I’m Maggie and I help moms who are entrepreneurs do more with their businesses – by using email marketing strategy.

What do I mean by “do more”? I don’t mean run around in a million directions trying to be all things to all people. As a mom of young children, I know that we as moms and entrepreneurs are reacting constantly to the needs of everyone around us.

But what if you could be proactive - choosing to grow your business, your way? And what if you had a strategy for making that happen consistently, month after month?

My clients

  • 1:1 service providers who are fully booked and want to scale—but don’t know how

  • Online sellers who sell pretty well—even great some months—but have no dependable monthly income and feel completely tethered to stressful launches and social media

Why Email Automation? Email…

  • helps you identify what people want to buy and when they’re ready to buy it, so you sell more and don’t feel pushy or sleazy

  • creates a system that enables you to predict how much you’ll sell every month

  • helps you make business decisions based on what your customer really needs—not just what you think they need

Here’s what you’ve tried already:

  • Creating a lot of content in hopes of going viral

  • Facebook ads

  • Every social media trick in the book (and reach just keeps dropping)

  • Video, because someone said to you one time, “Video is king!”

  • SEO

  • List-building

  • Maybe you’ve built a tribe of fans who love you, who watch your lives and your Instagram Stories. But you rarely ask for the sale, and when you do you’re terrified that they’re going to turn on you. “She’s selling me something now??”

I have a way of doing online marketing that’s different because rather than taking a general online marketing system, I look at the sales methods you’re already using that work. Then, I create a system for you to standardize and scale those methods. Take what’s working, and multiply by 10, 20, or 100. Yes, you can. This is not a plug-and-play method but it does come from my 15 years of experience helping clients build online audiences and move those audiences to action via the written word.

Start Here.